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   It’s amazing to me, that after 2 years of Tea Party activity, including triumphs, news making, and political power, that there are those in politics who still don’t “get it.”  Those that don’t “get it” are facing a possible disaster on November 2nd.  Their response is now what it has been for 2 years, only increased: that those in opposition are too “scared” or too “dumb” to vote correctly.  The real irony is that those who say these things are the ones who are scared and falling on the side of ignorance.  They are scared of losing power and ignorant of why they are losing it.

   America is grounded in intellectual ideas that are grounded in real world experience.  The grand ideas of free people actually work.  They are proven to work.  They have worked throughout history.  An elite is not someone who champions ideas that are tested and intellectual.  An elite is someone who champions ideas that are grounded in thought and hope rather than experience.  People don’t oppose policy like government-run healthcare because they are afraid of “intellectual” ideas.  They oppose it because it hasn’t worked anywhere.  They detest it when it is forced upon them.

   Maybe this election is the wake up call.  Probably not.  But GET THIS, people respect intellectual ideas that are proven.  People aren’t dumb.  They see results.  This country was founded by men with intellectual ideas.  But those ideas were proven, and are still proven today.  So stop blaming people in opposition to your policies and calling them “scared” or “ignorant.”  Take a look inward and show me where your ideas have worked.


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