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I haven’t posted on this site in a long time.  Mostly because what I wanted to accomplish is done.  The population is awake, in many respects.  The “Tea Party” is off and running, and although I don’t agree with everything being done with the “Tea Party”, I am happy that the general public is fighting big government in an intellectual way.  We always need a skeptical population to any government.  So thank you.

I want to update everyone on something interesting though.  One of our recipients of tea bags has been Barney Frank.  Guess what?  Maybe he is starting to get it now.  He told Larry Kudlow that he wants to downsize or get rid of Fannie and Freddie, and that it was wrong to push lower income people into mortgages that they couldn’t afford.  Pick your jaw off the floor.  Anything is possible!



I’m getting some healthy skepticism regarding Rep. Frank’s position on Fannie and Freddie.  Good.  We need to be skeptical of government.  However, let me caution people from going to a totally untrusting position.  We need to take the words in good faith and keep pushing to make sure they turn into action.  This is what we want.  This is what part of the Tea Party should be about.  Changing minds.  Is Rep. Frank being honest?  I don’t know.  But at this point, I have to give credit to him for the words and keep the pressure on him so that those words turn into action.  It’s not healthy to just have an automatic rejection of something.  People are free to change their minds.  Again, that’s what we want, or what we should want.  If we become completely untrusting there is no room for movement anywhere and we are stuck running in place again.  My suggestion is to send Rep. Frank some congratulatory tea.  Thank him for taking this new position and ask him if there is anything we can do to support it.


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