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BP and BG

BP is British Petroleum, we all know them by now.  BG is Big Government, we know them by now too.  Here is an article about how BP joined lobbying efforts for Cap and Trade and other big government boondoggles.  Why?  Why would a big company do anything?  For profit.  See, this is the relationship between government and business.  Business gives money and lobbies.  Government returns the favor and shuts down competition by regulating and taxing out the small fry.  Then when something bad happens like the Deep Horizon spill, government can turn around and blame the business and call for more regulation and more government.  And the electorate laps it up.  This is why we need government to get out of almost everything.  A true level playing field allows everyone to compete and isn’t a scam to payoff business in return for campaign money.

This is your United States government: taking money from a less favored constituency and giving it to a favored constituency.  Hey, government, how about not taking and giving to anyone?  In case you haven’t figured it out, the least favored consituency is pretty much always the middle class normal American.  You have a choice: either get on government assistance or get rich so you aren’t bothered that much by regulations and other government B.S.  That’s is: BP + BG = BS.


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