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This whole debate is about collectivism versus individualism.  Don’t simplify it.  Don’t say it’s about “taxes” or anything like that.  Taxes have a part in it, but the big kahuna is collectivism versus individualism.  Individualism spurs greatness.  Collectivism spurs mediocrity.  Collectivism also spurs failure which spurs more collectivism.  America should be about bringing people up, not bringing everything down.

This healthcare problem could have been solved without taking individualism away.  That it wasn’t done that way is profoundly immoral.  Half of our government is immoral.  This plan will raise premiums right away and cost jobs right away.  That will give the government the ammunition it needs to tell us that they need to take it all over: the public option.  Don’t pay attention to the fact that government caused the problem in the first place.  They will be the “solution.”  They are immoral.


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For his putting both Justice Roberts and Justice Alito on the Supreme Court, which may now be the firewall to save America from socialism.

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