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The report is just in from CBS news: Congress spent over $1 million on the Climate Treaty trip to Copenhagen.  Let’s not even talk about the fact that Congress has no Constitutional right to negotiate a treaty.  By now we should know that Congressional knowledge of the Constitution is seriously limited to the parts they “like.”  Diving into this CBS report we see that spouses, staffers, and others took the trip too.  Do you think you’d be able to take your spouse on a company trip and have the company pay for it?  Doubtful.  But that’s the way it is when your company doesn’t pay for anything, like the government.  I suggest Congress take a look at video conferencing.  It would save us money.  But then again, taking your wife to Kinkos isn’t as sexy as taking her to Europe for free.  Hard economic times means you, the citizen, sacrifice.  It doesn’t mean our elite sacrifice.  They “know better” anyway.  Think about that next time you skip going out to eat so you can save that $40 for your gas bill.


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The tea parties that have gone on around America have gotten a lot of attention.  Much, but not all, of the attention has been negative, yet, the tea parties are still effective.  Why?  The tea parties are effective because the opposition to them doesn’t understand them.  The opposition is thinking in broad terms and most of the tea party thinking is deeper than that.  Let me explain.

A lot of people in Washington D.C. think only in terms of politics.  What is good “politically” or what will help the “party.”  They can’t seem to get their head around the fact that many people are Americans before they are Republicans or before they are Democrats.  Most people are pretty independent.  Many, although independent, will usually vote for one party or the other, but that doesn’t mean they are part of a monolith.  The tea party opposition doesn’t get that.

I get some negative comments on this site from time to time.  It almost never fails that the comments devolve into politics.  For instance:

I’m not sure who writes on this web site, but your knowledge of history is elementary at best. The Sons of Liberty threw tea into the harbor because they were being taxed–but that’s only HALF the story. They were being taxed because they (the colonies) didn’t want to help pay for a war (the French and Indian War) that the Brits had largely fought and financed (albeit with some help from the colonies). Your group opposes higher taxes, but you seem to forget that wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) cost MONEY. Unless the Tea Party is outspoken in its criticism of the wars that the LAST administration started (one of which was unnecessary and cost nearly a TRILLION dollars–and where was your criticism of that money being spent?), then your platform doesn’t make any sense. In short, the American people got a war they supported 7 years ago while incurring no new taxes to pay for it. And now we have to pay (or our debt will continue to cripple us) but none of you Tea Party people want to pay. You guys are just like most Americans–you want low or no taxes and lots of government services (and yes, a WAR is a government service). You don’t understand history, but even worse, you don’t understand math.

I’ll keep away from the fact that this email says my knowledge is thin because the Tea Party wasn’t all about taxation (which I never said anyway) and then goes on to explain that colonists didn’t want to be TAXED for a war.  But that ridiculousness simply opens the door to the political rant.  The political rant being about President Bush and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Message to tea party opponents: the tea parties are made up of all different people.  Some of us supported President Bush’s actions in Iraq, some didn’t.  Some of us are Republicans.  Some of us are Democrats.  Some of us are Libertarians.  I know it’s shocking.  Some of us even heed The Constitution and understand that the government has its job to do, but they shouldn’t go over the line.  Some of us think that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are part of that job.  Some don’t.  Just because you are for some government expense in one area, doesn’t make you a hypocrite for fighting government expense in another area.

See, politics in Washington D.C. and America in general has been simplified to the extreme.  You are either Left or Right.  That’s it.  It’s easier for people to stick you in a little hole to explain what you are about.  This is the age of soundbites and YouTube videos.  This is a far cry from the days when Lincoln and Douglas debated for hours in front of live audiences.  Do you know why it is simplified?  Because for many it’s not about what is best for America.  It’s about what is best for the party.

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History Repeats… Always

One of the major reasons we study history is because it repeats.  We want to learn from our past mistakes and make a better future, so we study dusty history books.  History has repeated once again.  The Sons of Liberty tossed a cargo of tea into Boston Harbor because it represented government control.  Tonight, voters in MA have put a radical agenda of government encroachment and control into the Harbor again.  Too bad members of Congress dismissed history with flippant statements about “teabaggers.”  In the Harbor with that agenda is most likely an activist presidency.

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Can You Feel It?

The tide is turning.  Not from Democrat to Republican.  It’s turning from the political class back to the people.  Power is the end all and be all for many in Washington D.C.  Losing power is feared.  That is where the people take action.  We put them in power and take them out of power.  Just look at what is going on right now around this country.  Sen. Dodd is out.  Sen. Reid is going to be out.  The special election in MA is close.  Can you believe that?  President Obama is even sending out a message for people to vote for the Democratic candidate Coakley.  In Massachusetts.  The Republican, Brown, raised a million dollars today.  A million dollars.  Today.  One day.  Insane.  In a recession he raised a million dollars.  In a day.  What message is this sending to Blue Dogs across the country?  People are fed up.  The economy stinks and is getting worse due to the actions of government.  Nobody wants this healthcare bill to go through how it is right now, left or right or middle.  We are allowing would-be terrorists to get lawyers while politicians and Homeland Security people ski and golf.  The charade is up Washington.

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