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Starting Over

It appears clear that a majority of Congress is happy to ignore the voice of the people.  This isn’t even about politics at this point.  It’s about backroom deals, payoffs, and a general sleazy way of getting bills done.  They don’t seem to care about spending, debt, or anything else.  There are just not enough people in Congress of good moral fiber.  We the people should not mind those who differ in opinion.  We should mind those without moral backbone.  There are too many of those in Congress.  America is drowning and goverment is the anchor being thrown to every citizen.

The only way our voices will be heard is by using our power at the voting booth.  This blog is going to turn to putting together an actual movement to purge Congress of those people who have low moral fiber.  Stay tuned.


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Reverse the Vote

Senate Democrats are full steam ahead with a bill that nobody likes.  I mean nobody.  Conservatives don’t like it.  Independents don’t like it.  Liberals don’t like it.  What can people do when representatives in government completely ignore them?  Find those who won’t ignore them.  Go to http://www.reversethevote.org/dems.html to target those in Congress who may be vulnerable over healthcare.

I get a lot of comments on this site asking, “What can we do?” or asking “Who is in charge?”  This is a grassroots effort on my part and on the part of many.  What you can do now, as an individual, is melt the phone lines to your reps in Congress, get the word out about the actual costs of this bill to your peers, and get others to melt the phones.  You can also check out the Reverse The Vote site above.

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Welfare State

The United States of America is on her way to becoming a permanent welfare state.  The middle class in America is under siege by government.  It’s been a series of nickels and dimes until now.  The hammer is set to drop in the form of healthcare reform.  The nickels and dimes come in the form of taxes and fees.  Do yourself a favor, take a notebook at the beginning of a month and keep track of every tax and fee you pay.  Tax on food, gas, phone bill, utilities, and payroll.  Then add it up at the end of the month or two months.  That’s being nickeled and dimed to death by a government (local, state, and federal) that is now a big  business which has incredible employment numbers, large numbers of services, and lousy product.  We can’t decide to go to another store, either.  After you add that up, think about how businesses are getting nickeled and dimed and then passing that cost off to you, the consumer.  Thanks government.

Now we are getting set to triple down and pass a piece of legislation that will increase taxes, increase spending, put people between you and your doctor, and lower quality of health service.  In a world where I can get high-definition broadcasts of football and where men put rovers on Mars, I’m going to get worse healthcare.  This legislation is unpopular with almost everyone.  So why are the Democrats willing to pass anything?  There are Democrats who will lose their jobs, including Harry Reid, most likely.  So why?  Because they know what this bill will do.  They understand that in 10 years this bill will turn the United States into a welfare state.  There will be either those who make a ton of money or those who get cradle to grave government.  There will be no way to turn back the tide.  Once a government program, always a government program.  The spending alone will kill what freedoms we have.  Goodbye freedom, goodbye middle class, goodbye America.

Call your representatives.

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