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I’ve been doing some thinking today based on the fact that this blog has gotten some media attention from the Washington Post and from Matt Lewis at AOL.  Reading through the comments of these news stories and some of the comments I have gotten from readers has shown me that the intent of this blog is being mixed in and muddled with the intent of the Tea Party protests. 

Now, I don’t totally disagree with the Tea Party protests of the 15th.  I don’t think taxation should be employed as the bailout for out of control government growth.  However, I think it’s important that something concrete comes out of this movement.  Higher taxes and government growth are just symptoms of the bigger problem, like a cough is a symptom of bad nutrition.  Take cough medicine and you fix the cough.  Eat right and you fix the problem.

I started it because I saw a disconnect between the government and the people.  I started seeing a nation existing for its government instead of the other way around.  The concrete vision that needs to come from this movement is getting back to the principles of our nation’s founding.

Principles are defined as a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived.  Business guru author Stephen Covey states, “There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.”  No matter what happens in life, principles remain unchanging in their truth and their effectiveness.  Honesty is a principle.  Living an honest life is something of benefit no matter what the situation.  For the United States of America to solve her problems, it is necessary to get back to our founding principles.  These founding principles will right our ship no matter what is going on.

I am currently putting together a project to focus on what I stated above.  For now I would like to ask anyone reading this to take 15 minutes out of their day and Google “Thomas Jefferson quotes” or “George Washington quotes” or “James Madison quotes.”  Take some time and read and think about those quotes. 

America is being lost in a struggle between the left and the right.  Rather than think and center on principles, some are getting focused on where the message is coming from and their opposition to the messenger.  It’s time to cut through that and go back to the principles of our founding.


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Now What?

When we started this blog and protest statement, we were ahead of the curve regarding the “Tea Parties.”  Since then, other tea related protests have gotten more press and activity.  We are happy about this and it’s one of the reasons we haven’t been updating this blog.  We figure if people are getting involved, that’s good.  We focused on sending tea to 2 Senators and 2 Congressmen because we figured that would get more notice than tea being lost in the sea of government officials.  We also chose to send tea to local offices so that it would be delivered.  Honestly, tea being sent to the White House is probably not making it anywhere.  So what is next?  Now that people are getting involved, what is the next step?

We are believers in knowing where we came from.  That’s why we originally chose a tea party theme, to relate back to The Sons of Liberty and United States history.  Now that people are jumping on-board, we think this is still the course to follow.  Get into our history and our founding.  Learn about the reasons behind the American Revolution.  Find out how the Founding Fathers worked together and what their beliefs were.  Read about James Otis.  Read The Federalist Papers.  Read Locke.  Then spread the word.  The more people understand the reasons and details behind the United States of America, the more they will stand up against the growth of government.  Part of the reason we are where we are today is that the exceptionalism of the United States is not taught anymore.  While every nation and person has their bad side, schools and history have sought to minimize the great and talk up the bad of the United States.

As a final note, I would caution anyone against going over the line in their protest.  Remember this: during the original tea party, The Sons of Liberty replaced a lock that they had to break to get into the ship’s hold.  Don’t lose the message by going over the line.  Be smart about why you are protesting.  Usually people will listen to you if you speak with respect and with intellect.  Those who won’t listen wouldn’t listen anyway.  Go to our ABOUT section to find out what we are doing.

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