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Stimulus Package

Fellow Citizens:
Congress is about to embark on the largest spending boondoogle ever in the history of our country.  Under the guise of ‘stimulus’ the democrat led administration is going to put our grandchildren under a burden which will be impossible to eliminate.
The claim of 1/3 of the package being ‘tax cuts’ is an outright lie.

The definition of TAX CUT is when a taxpayer is able to keep more of what they earn because their rate of taxation is lower.   Under the proposed plan checks will be written by the federal government to those citizens who currently pay little or no ‘federal income tax’.   That, by definition is WELFARE.  The money for those payments will have to be generated somewhere and that somewhere will be the increased taxes on those who
already pay more than their ‘fair share’.
We encourage you to educate and inform yourselves by going to the website listed here and read the plan for yourselves.
After reading the package we then encourage you to display your protest in a peaceful fashion by sending a teabag to the listed congressmen and senators.  Let them know how you feel and what you want them to do about this crisis.


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Tea Time ’09

On December 16, 1773 Samuel Adams proclaimed to a large audience at a protest meeting, “This meeting can do nothing more to save the country.”  As his voice faded in the din, members of the Sons of Liberty, dressed as Indians and armed with clubs and hatchets, made their way to Griffin’s Warf in Boston Harbor to carry out one of the most famous acts of political protest in history.  By the end of the evening 45 tons of British tea was floating in Boston Harbor.


The tea thrown into the harbor was worth around $1.87 million in today’s money.  That is a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of billions being “tossed overboard” by our current government in the “throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks” version of saving the economy. 


It’s not bad enough that taxpayers are already on the hook for $700 billion.  No.  To add insult to injury the banks receiving bailout money have almost all declined to say how they are using our money.  Other companies that couldn’t succeed and needed a bailout, like AIG, have spent hundreds of millions on bonus packages for the management that led them into the abyss in the first place.  If that’s not bad enough, get ready for the next Administration as they prepare to dump $1 trillion in an effort to “fix” the economy. 


Where do they get all of this money?  Take a look at your paycheck.  It’s easy to have a spending habit when it’s not your money.  Ask any spoiled teenager.


Just as the Sons of Liberty felt unrepresented in government, every hard working American today should feel unrepresented.  If you save your money, run a business by keeping spending under control, have a 30 year fixed mortgage, and strive to do better, chances are you are not represented.  If you are a failing CEO, union boss, or government official, chances are you are being over-represented. 


  • Are you tired of the oppressive feeling of our government? 


  • Are you tired of being taxed because they can’t figure out how not to spend? 


  • Are you tired of Congress working on problems that they created in the first place? 


  • Are you tired of the sex addicts in government?  The liars? 


  • Do you know Congress has made it almost impossible for anyone of modest means to run for office? 


  • Are you tired of pork barrel projects to guarantee reelection? 


  • Are you tired of government spouses getting “miracle” raises right before that industry gets a government kickback? 


  • Does it make you sick that Congress just got a raise, so now most make around $170 grand? 




Our country is at the tipping point.  While there are good people in Congress, there are far too many who have no idea what they are doing.  Would you hire an architect to do brain surgery?  No.  Then why do we have career politicians and lawyers trying to “fix” the economy?  Without “politics” and special interest groups, the problems of our country are solvable.   With politics as usual and special interest groups pouring in money and influence, America is falling further and further from its birth in 1776.


Take action.  Grab the mantle passed on by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.  While dumping tea into Boston Harbor is not a good option today, there is another option available to show Congress how you feel and to link history.  Send tea.  Send a tea bag.  Send a box of tea.  Send Earl Grey or send Irish BreakfastJust send it.  To make the impact felt we are highlighting 4 addresses to send tea to, 2 for the Senate and 2 for the House of Representatives.  This is not about playing politics.  It’s not about Red or Blue, liberal versus conservative.  It’s about getting back to the core of a “government for the people, by the people, and of the people.”


DO NOT send loose tea and DO NOT send any crude notes or anything besides tea.  Remember, this is simply a protest statement.  There is no need to get rude.  Due to heightened tensions after 9/11 there is no need to send loose tea.  Be respectful above everything else.  Just send tea.  If enough tea is sent the message is clear.


Rep. Eric Cantor

4201 Dominion Blvd, #110
Glen Allen, VA 23060


Sen. Jim DeMint

112 Custom House
200 East Bay St
Charleston, SC 29401


Rep. Barney Frank

29 Crafts Street
Newton, MA 02458


Sen. John Kerry

One Bowdoin Square
Tenth Floor
Boston, MA 02114

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