It’s amazing to me, that after 2 years of Tea Party activity, including triumphs, news making, and political power, that there are those in politics who still don’t “get it.”  Those that don’t “get it” are facing a possible disaster on November 2nd.  Their response is now what it has been for 2 years, only increased: that those in opposition are too “scared” or too “dumb” to vote correctly.  The real irony is that those who say these things are the ones who are scared and falling on the side of ignorance.  They are scared of losing power and ignorant of why they are losing it.

   America is grounded in intellectual ideas that are grounded in real world experience.  The grand ideas of free people actually work.  They are proven to work.  They have worked throughout history.  An elite is not someone who champions ideas that are tested and intellectual.  An elite is someone who champions ideas that are grounded in thought and hope rather than experience.  People don’t oppose policy like government-run healthcare because they are afraid of “intellectual” ideas.  They oppose it because it hasn’t worked anywhere.  They detest it when it is forced upon them.

   Maybe this election is the wake up call.  Probably not.  But GET THIS, people respect intellectual ideas that are proven.  People aren’t dumb.  They see results.  This country was founded by men with intellectual ideas.  But those ideas were proven, and are still proven today.  So stop blaming people in opposition to your policies and calling them “scared” or “ignorant.”  Take a look inward and show me where your ideas have worked.



I haven’t posted on this site in a long time.  Mostly because what I wanted to accomplish is done.  The population is awake, in many respects.  The “Tea Party” is off and running, and although I don’t agree with everything being done with the “Tea Party”, I am happy that the general public is fighting big government in an intellectual way.  We always need a skeptical population to any government.  So thank you.

I want to update everyone on something interesting though.  One of our recipients of tea bags has been Barney Frank.  Guess what?  Maybe he is starting to get it now.  He told Larry Kudlow that he wants to downsize or get rid of Fannie and Freddie, and that it was wrong to push lower income people into mortgages that they couldn’t afford.  Pick your jaw off the floor.  Anything is possible!



I’m getting some healthy skepticism regarding Rep. Frank’s position on Fannie and Freddie.  Good.  We need to be skeptical of government.  However, let me caution people from going to a totally untrusting position.  We need to take the words in good faith and keep pushing to make sure they turn into action.  This is what we want.  This is what part of the Tea Party should be about.  Changing minds.  Is Rep. Frank being honest?  I don’t know.  But at this point, I have to give credit to him for the words and keep the pressure on him so that those words turn into action.  It’s not healthy to just have an automatic rejection of something.  People are free to change their minds.  Again, that’s what we want, or what we should want.  If we become completely untrusting there is no room for movement anywhere and we are stuck running in place again.  My suggestion is to send Rep. Frank some congratulatory tea.  Thank him for taking this new position and ask him if there is anything we can do to support it.

BP and BG

BP is British Petroleum, we all know them by now.  BG is Big Government, we know them by now too.  Here is an article about how BP joined lobbying efforts for Cap and Trade and other big government boondoggles.  Why?  Why would a big company do anything?  For profit.  See, this is the relationship between government and business.  Business gives money and lobbies.  Government returns the favor and shuts down competition by regulating and taxing out the small fry.  Then when something bad happens like the Deep Horizon spill, government can turn around and blame the business and call for more regulation and more government.  And the electorate laps it up.  This is why we need government to get out of almost everything.  A true level playing field allows everyone to compete and isn’t a scam to payoff business in return for campaign money.

This is your United States government: taking money from a less favored constituency and giving it to a favored constituency.  Hey, government, how about not taking and giving to anyone?  In case you haven’t figured it out, the least favored consituency is pretty much always the middle class normal American.  You have a choice: either get on government assistance or get rich so you aren’t bothered that much by regulations and other government B.S.  That’s is: BP + BG = BS.

This country, like all human beings, is imperfect.  When it comes to the promise that “all men are created equal”, this country is still trying to live up to it.  We will never get to that point if we allow those in “charge” and the media to take our eyes off the ball.  Here is a simple formula: it’s not about race unless it’s about race.  Sounds simple enough, right?  What are the Tea Parties about?  They are about individuals versus the collective.  This includes issues like taxation, healthcare, and government spending.  Where is race involved in this?  Nowhere.  IT IS NOT THERE.  But opponents of the Tea Parties treat everything like a “Where’s Waldo?” book.  They search everywhere for Waldo, but this time he isn’t wearing a striped shirt, he’s wearing a white hood.  If you search hard enough you can magic something from nothing.  People do it all the time.  People do it in relationships of all kinds.  “He’s doing this.  I just know it.”

America is a good place.  It’s filled with good people.  Why can’t people just let it be good.  Why do you have to find bad where there is no bad?  Please, please, please, let us fulfill the promise that “all men are created equal.”  It’s not about race.  Why do you make it so?  Let us live our lives and co-exist as human beings.

This man brings tears to my eyes.

The American Civil War

Dennis Prager has spoken and written about this.  We are now in a civil war in America.  Debate is futile.

This civil war is non-violent, thankfully, but still nasty.  This civil war is being prodded by those in charge, maybe unknowingly.  Critical thinking is at a low point in America right now.  Atticus Finch famously talked about getting inside another man’s skin and walking around in it when talking to his daughter Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.  That is part of critical thinking.  It is almost non-existent in American politics today.  Nobody wants to hear why you believe what you believe.  They just want to throw blanket statements at you in order to defeat you in the court of public opinion and maybe browbeat you into just giving up.  Trust me, I’m there now.  A simple statement about how much government spends versus how much they take in has gotten me comments about being racist and myopic.  Facts be damned.  Debate is futile.  Facts and argument are countered with talking points.

This civil war is defined: the collective versus the individual.  That’s it.  All other topics are hanger’s on at this point.  This is the bedrock of the argument and the bedrock of America.  If this civil war is lost, it won’t matter what happens with immigration, tax policy, education, or anything else.  The collective versus the individual.  Get focused on that.

You will be called every name in the book if you stand up against the collective.  It is clear that some will stop at nothing.  They will focus away from the actual issue by calling you names and even staging controversy.  There is no honor and no shame.

Do you want to fight?  Because this is going to get worse.  When November comes and the Democratic Party loses a lot of power, they will double down.  It will get worse.  So if you want to fight, you have to know how to fight.  Here’s how:

  • Stay the course.  Remember that this is about American principles.  It is about the excellence of the individual.  You can’t have a great society without a great individual.  You can’t have a great individual when government takes from the individual.  Individual freedom to create excellence is moral.  That’s it.  Focus on that.  After this is won, then we can worry about other issues.  Don’t get bogged down.  Don’t let those in charge take your focus off the real issue.
  • Know the facts and the history.  Debate is futile, but if you do it correctly you can stand tall and it will trickle down to a few who are listening.  Ask relevant questions.  Stay on the high road.  Use facts, history, and political philosophy.  If they don’t answer the questions, repeat them.
  • Be prepared to defend yourself with video.  People are actually talking about infiltrating Tea Party events to make it look like Tea Partiers are racist.  Again, this is to take the eyes of the nation off the actual issue.  Bring your cameras and recording devices.  If someone takes the low road, handle it with class and make it clear that those kind of actions are not tolerated.  Stay on the issue.
  • Keep up your spirit.  You will probably get discouraged.  I’ve been there too.  Well, if it’s worth it to you, stay in the fight no matter what.  Confide in those you trust and lean on shoulders that are there for the leaning.  We are in this together.

Remember, if you take the low road, they win.  Stay strong and stand for truth.  That is what wins the day.

I have to apologize on the occasion when I get a little short with some specific comments.  I usually take the high road and actually write about doing just that.  I firmly believe that taking the high road and sticking to the meat of an argument is the only way to change minds and influence.  When I get challenging comments on here, I will almost always have a back and forth.  I publish nearly all of the comments I get.  Sometimes my patience does run out.  When a comment is just an insult, my patience will sometimes run out.

The best thing may be to just ignore these comments, but I now believe another approach is needed.  Politics in this country is now a game.  It’s a power game.  Our elected officials play it and they play it on at an immoral level.  I spoke of this already in respect to the charges of racism during a tea party rally.  Our elected officials want you to take your eye off the ball.  They want you to not do research.  They want you to just relay talking points and not read an opposing view.  I would encourage everyone to read opposing views.  My views have changed over time due to reading and research.  It’s a good thing to grow. 

Don’t remain stagnant.  Learn and understand why you really believe something.  But our system is not set up for that.  You have to work for that.  Our system is set up for you to repeat jargon: “party of ‘no'”, “tax breaks for the rich”, “compassionate conservatism.”  What do these things even mean?  So do your research.  Welcome honest disagreement.  There is no shame to holding a view that you learn is wrong or you come to disagree with in the end.  The only loser in this current game is all of us.

Dear Congress,

You hold a special position and trust.  The United States government is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  Your power is given to you because “we the people” consent to let you govern.  This is an amazing trust.  In return, you are charged with upholding The Constitution.  A major part of The Constitution is the right of free speech.  This is one of the rights that acts as the glue holding our republic together.  Imagine our history without the right of free speech?  Even if you don’t agree with the speech, you are charged to protect it.  In politics we expect disagreement.  We also expect civility.

On March 20, 2010 members of the Congressional Black Caucus walked through a crowd of protestors on their way to vote on the healthcare bill.  Shortly after, the Speaker of the House walked the same route.  Following this walk, charges were made against the civilian protestors.  The charges include use of racial epithets and spitting.  These are charges that nobody should take lightly.   At the same time, these are charges that shouldn’t be made lightly.  Despite a sea of people with modern technology, including Congressional aides, there exists no evidence of what Congressional members charged.  There is no video evidence.  There is no police evidence.  The events that follow make no sense in the wake of the charges.  With the ability of anyone to record anything, is it possible that no video would exist?  Would the Speaker of the House be allowed to walk through a possibly violent crowd?

We are all human beings.  Human beings make mistakes.  If someone in the crowd shouted epithets that needs to be addressed.  We need to distance ourselves from that.  This argument is about government’s relationship to citizen and the individual versus the collective, it has nothing to do with race.  At the same time, we need to be sure that the trust between Congress and citizen was not breached.  We need to make sure that charges were not falsely made to score political points.  We are asking for either proof or a public apology.  This is directed at members of Congress who made the charges and the media who followed up on those charges. 

The United States should not be divided through false accusations from government against the citizen.  Disagreement is natural.  But in order to thrive, we need honesty and trust.  It is said that money and power corrupts.  That’s not true.  Lack of character corrupts.  It’s time to get character back.

P.S. We live in a society that says you are innocent until proven guilty.  The burden of proof is on the accuser.  Any silence on this issue will be evaluated by the people accordingly.

If you agree, please comment using your name.  Also, please contact your member of Congress and express your concern.

Thank you.